About Us

One Company. Two Divisions.

Landert Motoren AG is an independent family company which is active on all five continents. The company has been making know-how based industrial products since 1924. Even demanding customers appreciate the high level of innovation and the outstanding quality of our products. The Landert Motoren Group now employs over 750 people.

The company’s Head Office is in Bülach which is close to Zürich, Switzerland. The company owns over 16 Group companies throughout the world and is divided into two Business Areas: the TORMAX Division (automatic door systems) and SERVAX Division (tailor-made drives).

TORMAX Logo The passion to drive doors

SERVAX Logo Customized Electric Drives!


TORMAX belongs today to one of the leading European manufacturers of automatic door systems, and works with its long-standing partners to create solutions for automatic doors. The heart of the system is always the drive; these are developed in Switzerland.

TORMAX automatic doors are found in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, department stores, airports and stations, on ships and in apartment buildings – in short, in hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world.

SERVAX is among Europe’s leading manufacturers of customized electric motors. Working closely with our customers we develop solutions for challenging machine drives anywhere in the world.

In the initial phase of the development process of a machine or a system we undertake a detailed analysis of the demands placed on the drives. SERVAX motors offer clear advantages in machines and equipment across the entire spectrum of machine manufacture and especially for the textile, machine-tool and plastics processing industries. They impress by their performance, long life cycle, safety, simple maintenance and reliability.

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