Sustainability in the LANDERT Group

As a technology company, our strategy has over the last century focused on the long term and on sustainability, which has been the driving force behind our success. We develop products and solutions with strong technological, economic and ecological credentials. Ecological considerations come into play right from the research and development stage, and cover the entire life cycle of our products from manufacture and use through to disposal.

Sustainability built on durability

The durability of our electric motors, protective door drives, grinding systems and pedestrian and industrial door systems is a key driver of sustainability in the LANDERT Group.

The sustainability of a product is determined by its life cycle, serviceability and power consumption in operation. Our products have an exceptionally long service life thanks to high-grade components and modules as well as smart technology. This reduces the need to manufacture new products, which in turn cuts the use of resources and hence minimizes the environmental impact.

LANDERT Group products are designed to be energy-efficient and require little maintenance. Any necessary maintenance work can be done easily and effectively. This also contributes significantly to reducing the carbon footprint.

Upgrading is a sustainable way to extend the service life of your existing electric motors and pedestrian and industrial door systems while improving both their performance and energy efficiency. The choice of upgrading or replacing depends primarily on the corporate philosophy of our customers.

Fostering biodiversity

Not far from its headquarters, the LANDERT Group has had 70 high-stem fruit trees of various types planted on an extensive site at the edge of the woods to allow an orchard meadow rich in species to develop. These meadows can be home to several thousand animal species, making them one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in Europe.

The LANDERT apiary

Almost 80 per cent of all crops and wild plants in our latitudes are pollinated by the western honey bee (apis mellifera). Their pollination activity ensures the variety of foods we know and enjoy. To promote biodiversity and the local bee population, the LANDERT Group maintains an apiary in the orchard meadow. The company supports beekeeping with a long-term horizon and offers interested employees and retirees the opportunity to get personally involved.