Adding value for all stakeholders

We work as a mutually supportive, accessible and open-minded top team with a spirit of mutual trust and respect in which we learn from each other, grow together and develop our strengths – as individuals and as a team – and thus inspire each other to become an effective, result and performance driven unit. This is the spirit we live by and carry with us to all our stakeholders.

By doing so, we foster a deep sense of community among customers, partners, employees and their families and the public, which in turn drives the company's growing success and creates added value for everyone.

The following five values help us to successfully achieve this goal in our daily work.


  • We communicate openly, constructively and directly
  • We recognise and exploit opportunities
  • We resolve conflicts and remove ambiguity


  • We are honourable
  • We bestow and win trust
  • We delegate and accept responsibility


  • We respect ourselves and others
  • We help each other to succeed
  • We overcome challenges by concerted action

Customer focus

  • We recognise and meet customer requirements
  • We inspire and win customers by means of innovation
  • We all make our contribution to customer success


  • We achieve the very best results
  • We concentrate our strengths
  • We act proactively