SERVAX insources the stamping shop back to Switzerland and strengthens the Bulach-Zurich location in the long run

On 5 August 2019 SERVAX resumed operations at its stamping shop in Bulach-Zurich after 7 years. This value-added process was integrated into the company's own factory in Bulach until 2012 but was then transferred abroad to a third-party company. SERVAX develops the electro-magnetic and mechanical design of the drive tailor-made for the individual customer solution. The stamping shop produces rotor plates and stator stacks which are key components for the manufacturing of drives.

The insourcing of the stamping shop empowers SERVAX to act with the highest flexibility, responsiveness and precision for the production of rotor plates and stator stacks. Additionally the further development of production technologies is back in the hands of SERVAX, enabling long term investments into new technologies.

The recent insourcing of the stamping shop, which has a long tradition at SERVAX, will strengthen the company and the Bulach-Zurich location in the long run in terms of jobs, production know-how and quality. SERVAX herewith also underlines its commitment to Switzerland as a manufacturing location.